Thursday, July 24, 2008

MagicPad: The Missing Rich Text Editor For The iPhone

This last week I took a break from my usual duties to create a new app that is sorely missing. Today I'm proud to introduce the first rich text editor for the iPhone, we're calling it MagicPad. What better way to take advantage of the iPhone's gorgeous high-resolution screen, than creating documents with different fonts, sizes, colors, and decorations. MagicPad shows that the iPhone can be used for creating as well as consuming, without compromising on ease of use.

Oh yeah, MagicPad also has copy and paste support within the app. To select text, simply do a double tap hold, wait for the loupe, and drag. This is the easiest way to select text on the iPhone and you only need a single finger.

The guys over at have been playing with beta copies and have posted some screenshots.

We're currently waiting for Apple to go through their approval process and get the app in the store. When it does I'll keep you posted.


jdorfman said...

looking good Phil!

Dan Nelson said...

A better solution to text selection would simply be using the magnifying glass until you've found your spot and then placing a second finger down to start selecting.

christian said...

My believe is, that only Apple can solve the "howto implement copy and paste" issue by inventing a new gesture (i do not have any creative ideas on how that is supposed to work).

Maybe i'm right and they (apple) do not yet have a clue how those gestures look like and this is the reason why we all have to wait for the os to have that function.

Casual Penguin said...

Whoa - you doing your own text layout? or are you doing webkit or something?